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Covid-19: EMS-Fehn-Group supports relief efforts in India

Heavy haulage specialist Europatrans, Lübeck-based member of the German EMS-Fehn-Group, is supporting efforts to help with the Covid-19 crisis in India. Over the past couple of days, the company hauled four OxyTrucks donated by Raytheon Technologies Corp. from Lübeck to Hamburg Airport. On Tuesday, the OxyTrucks were loaded onto an aircraft of the Indian Armed Forces which will now deliver them to the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) in New Delhi.

Each of the OxyTrucks can transport approximately 270,000 liters of oxygen. Normally, they are used by military forces to fill aircraft oxygen systems. Produced by Raytheon Technologies’ Collins Aerospace unit in Lübeck, the OxyTrucks have been modified for civil use in India.

Even though there is enough oxygen produced in India, there is a lack of means of transportation to get it to where it is desperately needed at the moment: to Covid-19 patients depending on ventilation. „It goes without saying that we are very pleased to be able to support the Indian Red Cross Society and Raytheon Technologies in their efforts to mitigate the crisis,“ says Henning Bentien, managing director of Europatrans. „India is facing a catastrophe. We are happy that we can help save lives.“

According to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, India has been severely struck by the pandemic. The country’s health system is not fit to cope with the current situation, and the supply of Covid-19 patients with oxygen is not guaranteed. This is exactly where the campaign supported by Europtrans and thus by the entire EMS-Fehn-Group comes into play.

„When it comes to helping people across borders in an uncomplicated way, we are happy to do our part,“ says EMS-Fehn-Group’s CEO Manfred Müller. „That perfectly fits in with the values the EMS-Fehn-Group stands for.“

While the circumstances of delivering the OxyTrucks to Hamburg Airport may have been extraordinary, transports of special vehicles are part of Europatrans’ daily business. „For us, it wasn’t a problem at all to flexibly react to Collins Aerospace’s request,“ says managing director Henning Bentien. Europatrans has been specializing in road transports of particularly large and heavy cargo all across Europe for more than 25 years now. The company has a special focus on Scandinavia.

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