About EMS-Fehn-Group

Manfred Müller CEO EMS-Fehn-Group (2008-2023)

„Our values are honesty, integrity and reliability. They constitute the foundation of EMS-Fehn-Group.“

Manfred Müller

* May 30, 1966 - † May 2, 2023

EMS-Fehn-Group consists of 18 companies in ten countries with offices in, among others, Leer, Papenburg, Bremen, Elmshorn, Lübeck, Feldkirch, Zurich, Bergen, Riga, Palermo, Jyväskylä, Durres and Skopje.

EMS-Fehn-Group is active in project logistics, chartering, heavy haulage, customized crane services, worldwide yacht transport, ship and fleet management, terminal operations, warehousing, crewing and other.

Close co-operation between all companies ensures rapid information exchange, short-term know-how transfer and a fast decision-making process. 

All companies are certified according to international standards.