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EMS-Fehn-Group moves closer to customers in Scandinavia

Responding to a steady increase in demand for logistics services in Scandinavia, German EMS-Fehn-Group has founded the new company EFG Finland Oy. Located in Jyväskylä, the experienced logisticians of EFG Finland Oy offer services such as heavy haulage and special transports between Finland and the rest of Europe from February 1, 2023. Another focus lies on tailor-made solutions in global project logistics.

„We are very pleased that an increasing number of industrial customers in Scandinavia put their trust in the logistics services provided by EMS-Fehn-Group,“ says EMS-Fehn-Group’s CEO Manfred Müller. „By having established EFG Finland Oy, we are taking this development into account and are moving even closer to our customers in the north.“

German EMS-Fehn-Group offers a vast variety of global logistics solutions. The group has its own fleets of seagoing vessels and special transport trucks. In addition, EMS-Fehn Group operates its own high-performance cranes and port terminals.

“Being able to use our own equipment to provide comprehensive services to our customers sets us apart from the competition,” says Valtteri Korpinen, Managing Director of EFG Finland Oy. „It makes us independent and adds to our reliability and flexibility.“ 

Valtteri has decades of logistics experience and is one of the proven professionals who will supply customers with tailor-made transport solutions from the office in Jyväskylä. „As part of EMS-Fehn-Group, we also have direct access to the expertise of our colleagues all across Europe,“ says Valtteri. „This, too, is something our customers will benefit from a lot.“ 

EMS-Fehn-Group’s list of clients in Scandinavia includes well-known companies from the paper and mining industry as well as from the power plant and plant construction sector. In addition, the renewable energy sector has gained a lot in importance in recent years. Numerous companies from this industry regularly rely on tailor-made transport solutions supplied by EMS-Fehn-Group.

For further information, please visit www.efg-finland.com or contact

EFG Finland Oy

Valtteri Korpinen

Managing Director

Mobile: +358 407 595 751

Mail: valtteri@efg-finland.com