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EMS-Fehn-Group moves closer to customers in the Middle East

EMS-Fehn-Group moves closer to customers in the Middle East

January 22, 2024 – Moving closer to its customers in the Middle East and North Africa, German EMS-Fehn-Group has established a new company called EFG Logistics Services Ltd. Based in Cairo, the team of experienced logistics professionals offers a wide range of tailored services including road, air and sea transport as well as complex worldwide project logistics.

„EMS-Fehn-Group has been providing services to customers from various industries in the Middle East and North Africa for decades, and we are convinced that the MENA region has a lot of potential for continued growth,“ says Dominic Sleur, COO of EMS-Fehn-Group. „With our new venture in Cairo, we will be in an even better position to respond quickly to our customers’ needs and to provide them with prime transport solutions that exactly meet their requirements – no matter whether they are a small and medium-sized businesses or major industry players.“

The team of EFG Logistics Services Ltd. is led by Tamer Sherif, a logistics professional who has worked in the industry in various positions for more than 25 years. „We are very well connected, know the local markets by heart and are well prepared to meet the growing demand for EMS-Fehn-Group’s services in the region,“ says Sherif. „In addition, we can always draw on the expertise and experience of our international colleagues at EMS-Fehn-Group.“

EFG Logistics Services has already commenced with work. In close cooperation with other colleagues from EMS-Fehn-Group, the team in Cairo is responsible for vital parts of the logistics for a major project in the south of Egypt. There, a pioneering and eco-friendly plant for the production of high and medium density fiberboards (HDF/MDF) is being built.

Headquartered in Germany, EMS-Fehn-Group has offices throughout Europe and provides a vast range of global logistics solutions. The group operates its own fleets of seagoing vessels as well as port terminals. Its in-house professionals specialize in, among others, shipping and chartering, project logistics, warehousing, naval engineering and quality management.

For further information, please visit www.efg-mena.com or contact

EFG Logistics Services Ltd.
Tamer Sherif
Mobile: +20 122 213 90 32
Mail: tamer.sherif@efg-mena.com