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Rebranding: BERA is now EFG Port Papenburg

Rebranded to „EFG Port Papenburg“, port terminal operator BERA reacts to an increase in the demand for logistics services and positions itself more distinctly than ever as member of German EMS-Fehn-Group. EFG Port Papenburg is primarily known for its storage and handling facilities in the seaport of the German town of Papenburg. „However, by closely collaborating with our sister companies of EMS-Fehn-Group, we are able to offer a variety of further logistics services – and we see a lot of potential for growth in this,“ says EFG Port Papenburg’s Managing Director Holger Wedemann.


EMS-Fehn-Group, headquartered in Leer, consists of 18 companies in ten countries across Europe. The group offers a vast variety of logistics services. Its companies – among other things – are active in shipping and project logistics, conduct international road transports of heavy and oversized goods, transport yachts around the globe and supply customized crane services. The group operates its own port terminals and has its own fleets of trucks and seagoing vessels.


„We offer our customers all services from one single source,“ says EMS-Fehn-Group’s CEO Manfred Müller. „Precisely because we have our own terminals, vessels, cranes and trucks and the expertise that comes along with operating them, we are able to quickly supply tailor-made solutions.“ In order to make the most of these advantages, internal processes have been further optimized, and EFG Port Papenburg has been completely integrated into the group. The multimodal port terminal plays an important role as interface between sea and land transports.


The company’s own berth allows for the simultaneous mooring of two seagoing vessels. Its premises cover roughly 160,000 square meters. About a third of the area consists of warehouses. Peat, wood, steel and alternate fuels are among the goods handled on a regular basis by EFG Port Papenburg. The goods are moved, stored and commissioned with the help of modern machines and software. „We constantly invest in order to always stay up-to-date,“ says Managing Director Holger Wedemann.


EFG Port Papenburg’s activities have not been hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing general economical downturn. „The demand for our services has remained on a high level,“ says Wedemann. „Thus we are in a perfect position to win new customers and to draw further port handling activities to Papenburg.“


An example might illustrate how closely EFG Port Papenburg and its sister companies of EMS-Fehn-Group cooperate: A team member of Lübeck-based EFG Heavy Haulage will move in with his colleagues in Papenburg shortly to serve customers and organize transports from there. „This will enable us to react even faster and more flexible to our clients requirements,“ says Wedemann.


The new name EFG Port Papenburg emphasizes the company’s complete integration into EMS-Fehn-Group: The abbreviation EFG stands for the group – while Port Papenburg points at the company’s key competence and location. In the course of its rebranding, EFG Port Papenburg has relaunched its website as well. You can find it at efg-portpapenburg.de.



For further information please contact:

EFG Port Papenburg

Holger Wedemann (Managing Director)

Email: h.wedemann@efg-portpapenburg.de

Phone: +49 4961 666 90