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EFG Heavy Haulage files for insolvency

Lübeck, December 20, 2023 – Road transport company EFG Heavy Haulage has filed for insolvency. EMS-Fehn-Group, of which EFG Heavy Haulage is part, will continue to support the company’s customers and bring current projects to a successful conclusion, the group announces. A preliminary insolvency administrator has been appointed to guide EFG Heavy Haulage through the process.


In addition to a generally challenging market environment, Lübeck-based EFG Heavy Haulage lost its most important customer with the closure of its sister company EFG Scandinavia in Norway in October. EFG Scandinavia had primarily served the wind energy industry with heavy lift solutions and had been involved in the construction of hundreds of turbines in the Nordic countries. However, due to financial pressures throughout the renewable energy industry, EFG Scandinavia was unable to operate at profitable margins. The company regularly used EFG Heavy Haulage to transport large cranes. Over a long period of time, EFG Heavy Haulage had stationed part of its fleet in the Nordic countries.


In 2015, EMS-Fehn-Group had acquired the transport company, which was founded in 1996, and later renamed it EFG Heavy Haulage. EMS-Fehn-Group will remain active in the road transport segment. There are other companies within the group that have trucks and trailers and the necessary licenses for international road transport. Therefore, EMS-Fehn-Group will be able to continue to provide a full range of services to its customers.