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Rebranding: Europatrans is now EFG Heavy Haulage

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Rebranded to EFG Heavy Haulage, the long-standing German special transport company Europatrans is prepared to meet a growing demand and offers additional services at its new premises in the port of Lübeck. „With our new place, the new name and the expansion of our range of services we have fully completed the integration of EFG Heavy Haulage into EMS-Fehn-Group,“ says the group’s CEO Manfred Müller. „We are pleased that in addition to road transports we are now also able to offer warehousing, multimodal transshipment and assembly facilities for all kinds of big and heavy goods.“ The new premises are directly on the banks of river Trave on a historical industrial site.

EFG Heavy Haulage has been specializing in heavy and special transports for more than 25 years. Traditionally, the company has a strong focus on Scandinavia. However, the fleet of modern trucks and trailers has been on the road all across Europe for a long time.

„To meet the significant increase in orders we have consistently renewed and expanded our fleet,“ says EFG Heavy Haulage’s Managing Director Henning Bentien. „In addition, our new premises allow us to support our customers with comprehensive warehousing facilities and as a multimodal hub with direct access to the Baltic Sea and the rail, road and waterway network.“

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, EFG Heavy Haulage registered a steady increase in demand for the transport of heavy goods. The growth is driven by, among other things, the wind industry and an increasing need for industrial equipment in numerous regions of Europe. In many cases, EFG Heavy Haulage closely collaborates with its sister companies of EMS-Fehn-Group. They specialize in, for example, project logistics or support the building of wind farms with customized crane solutions.

„It’s part of EMS-Fehn-Group’s philosophy to offer our customers the full set of services from one single source – with our own seagoing vessels, trucks, cranes and port facilities,“ says CEO Manfred Müller. „This principle now applies to EFG Heavy Haulage to the full extent.“

The conveniently located premises were formerly home to Lübecker Maschinenbau Gesellschaft (LMG), once the largest manufacturer of machines, vessels, cranes and steel constructions in the wider area. They offer roughly 45,000 square meters of inside and outside storage area. The warehouses and the outside area are equipped with powerful cranes. Furthermore, the location meets all technical requirements for assembly work. The vicinity even has its own quay. It is 350 meters long and suited for seagoing vessels. 

The new name EFG Heavy Haulage stresses the full integration of the company as vital part of EMS-Fehn-Group. While the abbreviation EFG stands for the group, Heavy Haulage points to the company’s predominant competency within the set of sister companies.

In case you need further information please contact:

EFG Heavy Haulage

Henning Bentien (Managing Director)

Email: henning.bentien@efg-heavyhaulage.com

Phone: 0049 451 873 82 140