EMS-Fehn-Group suspends all activities in Russia

In light of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, EMS-Fehn-Group suspends all its activities in Russia as well as with Russian customers, partners and suppliers. This also concerns the group’s office in St. Petersburg. „We back all international efforts to convince the Russian government to end the unjustified and despicable war against Ukraine as quickly […]

Rebranding: BERA is now EFG Port Papenburg

Rebranded to „EFG Port Papenburg“, port terminal operator BERA reacts to an increase in the demand for logistics services and positions itself more distinctly than ever as member of German EMS-Fehn-Group. EFG Port Papenburg is primarily known for its storage and handling facilities in the seaport of the German town of Papenburg. „However, by closely […]

Rebranding: Europatrans is now EFG Heavy Haulage

Rebranded to EFG Heavy Haulage, the long-standing German special transport company Europatrans is prepared to meet a growing demand and offers additional services at its new premises in the port of Lübeck. „With our new place, the new name and the expansion of our range of services we have fully completed the integration of EFG […]

Latvian flag: Fehn Ship is official point of contact

Fehn Ship Management, member of the German EMS-Fehn-Group, has teamed up with the Maritime Administration of Latvia to further expand its services. „We are proud to have been nominated as one official point of contact of the Latvian flag in Germany“, says managing director Matthias Hesse. „This puts us in a perfect position to assist […]

GALA offers nationwide customs services

German Albanian Logistics Agency (GALA), member of the German EMS-Fehn-Group, has further expanded its range of services by providing customs services as well now. Located in Tirana, GALA’s new Customs Agency offers nationwide assistance in importing and exporting goods to and from Albania. GALA’s experienced specialists are exceptionally dedicated to supplying rapid customs clearances to […]

EMS Log opens branch office in Lübeck, Germany

EMS Log, specialized in worldwide project logistics and member of the German EMS-Fehn-Group, has opened a new branch office in Lübeck, Germany. The Branch Office North is headed by the experienced logistics expert Martin Ollmann. Already in July 2020, Bremen-headquartered EMS Log had opened a branch office in Seelbach in the south of Germany. „The […]

Covid-19: EMS-Fehn-Group supports relief efforts in India

Heavy haulage specialist Europatrans, Lübeck-based member of the German EMS-Fehn-Group, is supporting efforts to help with the Covid-19 crisis in India. Over the past couple of days, the company hauled four OxyTrucks donated by Raytheon Technologies Corp. from Lübeck to Hamburg Airport. On Tuesday, the OxyTrucks were loaded onto an aircraft of the Indian Armed […]

Northwest Competence: Growing demand for ISO certifications

Northwest Competence, member of the German EMS-Fehn-Group, has restructured itself internally in order to meet an increasing demand for ISO certifications and other services. At the same time, the company has given itself a new name. Founded in 2009, it was originally called Northwest Crewing. In the beginning, the team focussed on recruiting qualified seafarers […]

GALA brings first windmill for Albania

German Albanian Logistics Agency (GALA) organized the transport of the first windmill for Albania. Friday last week, the „Northern Rock“ arrived at the port of Durres/Albania with a Nordex windmill on board, which had been loaded in Vlissingen/Netherlands. „We are very proud to be part of this historic event“, says Fation Dervishi, managing director of […]

EMS-Fehn-Group signs „Neptune Declaration“

German EMS-Fehn-Group, a supplier of comprehensive logistics solutions, has joined the international initiative to quickly resolve the worldwide crew change crisis by signing the „Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change.“ Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of seafarers have been stranded aboard vessels around the globe. With no chance […]